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Concept of Human image





In recent years, cultural theory in all fields has been informed by a new emphasis on the body as a contested site of production of identities. At the same time, developments in science – concerning

for example, artificial life, cloning, the human genome project, reproductive technologies – have transformed our understanding of limits and possibilities of or bodies, and continue to challenge our perception of the body s role in shaping who we are.



In this project I want to challenge the complex imaginary formations that support our sense of cultural and personal identity as well as scientific and theoretical (cultural) conceptions of human beings and human “nature”.


I designed hybrids of forms and shapes in mixed material, like an installation with 1000 life-seize, pink latex models of the Onkomouse TM, series of futur-organ design and manipulated heads.

These obscene creations, full of (self)ironie, where products of an inner convulsion, a transgression, potential implemental models for a senseless biodesign production.



I worked in collaboration with researchers of the Schering GmbH, a producer of pharmaceutical products, involved in genetic research and production.


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